2017 year in review

It’s 2018 and we wanted to take a minute to take a peek at where Arroyo Labs has been in 2017.

We were busy in 2017, here are some highlights from the team.

Western Union – My WU Loyalty Portal

In 2017 we had 25 My WU sprints and 69 production deployments.  We added support for numerous new countries and languages across multiple data centers.

Multiple roadmaps and discoveries

We did numerous discoveries and project roadmaps for multiple clients including Facebook, Survios, & Bell’INVITO.  Roadmaps are engagements to develop a strategy for a given challenge.


Ecommerce is in our core, we of course worked on multiple Ecommerce projects in 2017.  We developed new Magento builds and Shopify stores including the relaunch of Charming Charlie.

Open Source Software

At Arroyo Labs we are open source experts and devote a significant amount of time and energy contributing back to the open source community.  In 2017 we had a few notable milestones and launches that we want to highlight.

Outside News

A lot happened in technology in 2017 here are a few of our favorites to spotlight.

Expect a lot more tech chatter around microservices, serverless, and machine learning this year…and lots of cool
innovation with ecommerce and voice interfaces.

 Here’s to an eventful 2018!

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