Is there a business model in bookmarking?

My favorite bookmark site Springpad, recently announced it is shutting its doors.  This is a bit sad, but not too surprising.  I use it everyday, yet talking with some of my peers I realize that many don’t even know it exists and some question why it exists at all.

My previous bookmarking service was delicious.  It was at the time the best service, but when there were scares of it going away I switched to Springpad.  It didn’t die, instead it just suffered slow stagnation under yahoo ownership.

with the death of Springpad I see new boosts in users happening for Evernote and Pocket…both great services.

There have been others, Glass, this was before google glass.  it was a private bookmark and sharing app.  A great set of engineers but they couldn’t define a market niche nor define a viable business model.  They were a really smart team and had some cool tech, but not an end product that had legs.

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